• 1.Memory Palaces
  • 2.Feynman Technique/Protein Effect(蛋白质效应)
  • 3.Practice Tests
  • 4.Zeigarnik Effect/Pomodoro Technique
  • 5.Distributed Learning (Spaced Repetition)

1. Creating Memory Palaces

  • step1. Walk through the environment you choose (like your house)
  • step2. Place objects in specific places
  • step3. Match the objects with things that you want to learn

2. The Protege Effect

According to a 2007 study;

  • Students who taught younger students scored higher than students who only learned for themselves
  • In order to be able to teach someone, you must understand the material more
  • This phenomenon is known as Depth of Processing

Basically, teach other people what you want to learn

  • Step 1: Write the name of a concept on the top of a blank piece of paper
  • Step 2: Write down the concept as if you're teaching it to someone
  • Step 3: Identify what is missing, then go back and re-learn it
  • Step 4: Review everything, and simplify as much as you can

3. Studying For Exams

PART 1---Studying Effectively

Scientifically proven to be low in effectiveness

  • Reading again and again?
  • Highlighting your notes?
  • Key word mnemonics?

Scientifically proven to be high in effectiveness

  • Practice tests
  • Spacing out your learning

PART 2---Studying For Exams

Things That Didn't Help

  • Starting to study early
  • Reading your notes before and after class
  • Listening to music

Things That Did Help

  • Putting in the hours
  • Doing lots of practice exams

4. The Zeigarnik Effect

  • You remember unfinished tasks better than tasks you complete
  • When we interupt the task, it creates Task Specific Tension
  • It can improve cognitive function

How to do: Work 25 mins, rest 5 mins, work 25 mins, rest 5 mins...

5. Distributed Learning

Space out your study sessions.

Scientists looked at 254 studies involving more than 14,000 people

  • Students remembered more after spaced study than cramming

How to do: 1 hour on each day of a week is better than 7 hours crammed in the same day.